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Spirit Under Construction by Jerry Harp

Ego To Earthschool by Stephen Roxborough

Underground Sun by Lee Edward Pricer

Mata Hari's Lost Words by John Oughton

Orpheus In Our World: New Poems On Timeless Forces by Patricia Keeney

One Foot In by Jeff Pew

Seven Suns/Seven Moons by Michael Dylan Welch & Tanya McDonald

The Smoke of Dreams by Reena Riblaow

Decoding Dust by B.W. Powe

The Tongue Has Its Secrets by Donna Snyder

All That and a Bag of Neurons by Carly Bryson

Marshmallows & Despair by David Ossman

Modes of Persuasion by Erin Badough

salt/ /water by william marshe

ravel by Bonnie Wai-Lee Kwong

Release the Hounds by Misty Cosgrove

ordinary words by Si Philbrook

Thunder at Darwin Station by Lance Strate

The Medium Is The Muse [Channeling Marshall McLuhan]

Open Heart Sutra Surgery by Stephen Roxborough

Mao's Mole by Marc Vincenz

Tinderbox by Dale Winslow

human & c. by Rich Follett

The Grand National Lobotomy by John Watts

haematograms by nigel ellis

Nirvana Haymaker by Frank Reardon

Sugar by Steve Szewczok

It Broke Anyway by April Michelle Bratten

Bandana Wasteland by Carly Bryson

The Time We Have Misspent  100 sonnets by M.Z. Ribalow

Love Notes from a Soldier's Diary by Craig Podmore

Chasing Ghosts by M.Z. Ribalow

this wonderful perpetual beautiful by Stephen Roxborough

Compatible Aspects of the Disparate Endeavor by Felino A. Soriano

Silence, Inhabited by Rich Follett

Fire in the Marrow by William Crawford

Wisdom & Dust by Neil McCrea

Sunday Morning Spiders by Victoria Fotios

Bells for Her by Samantha Ledger

Interstate Chokehold by Frank Reardon

Responsorials by Rich Follett and Constance Stadler

with the Patience of Monuments by Jack Henry

Amulet Cypher by David Arshawsky

Candy: A Collection To Satisfy Your Sweetest Cravings


Memoirs of a Modern She-Noodle by Wynn Frolley

Death by Triangulation by John Oughton

Oy Feminist Planets: A Fake Memoir by Marleen S. Barr

Redheaded Blues by M.Z. Ribalow

A Pleasure Jaunt With One of the Sex Workers Who Don't Exist in the People's Republic of China
by Tom Bradley

Josephine The Outlaw King by Jeannette Louise Kantzalis

Executive Severance by Robert K. Blechman, illustrations by David Arshawsky


The Charge in the Global Membrane by B.W. Powe, street art photos by Marshall Soules

Writing Myself Into Existence by Arthur Asa Berger

Into the Arms of the Goddess by Peter Nelson

Media and Formal Cause by Marshall McLuhan and Eric McLuhan