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                                                           a new way of making

                               in ancient Greece, poiesis referred to the process of making    
                                creation - production - organization - formation - causation
                                             a process that can be physical and spiritual
                                                           biological and intellectual
                                                           artistic and technological
                                                           material and  teleological
                                                               efficient and formal
                                                 a means of modifying the environment
                                                    and a method of organizing the self
                                                 the making of art and music and poetry
                                      the fashioning of memory and history and philosophy
                                   the construction of perception and expression and reality

                                                                 NeoPoiesis Press
                                                  reflecting the creative drive and spirit
                                               of the new electronic media environment

NeoPoiesis Press, LLC
is an independent publisher whose main goal is to print and promote outstanding poets, writers and artists.